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Mike Sabo, of Painesville, said overcoming past diet failures won't keep him down, and the 29-year-old says he knows the key - counting calories and keeping active.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Back on track

So far so good. Got past the hump of not caring about losing weight and moving in the right direction now. I hope to have lost some weight for this weeks weigh in so that this month isn't totally bust.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

New beginning.

So I'm hoping that today starts a new beginning for me. I strictly watched my caloric intake today and do plan on hitting the gym this week. No seriously this time, I think : /.

Mike Sabo

All aboard the fail boat.

So this month has been a disappointment. I haven't. Even watching what I've been eating closely, nor have I lost any weight. In fact I might have even gained.

Mike Sabo

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Things are looking up

Weight wise.  I do plan on this changing, but honestly not until this week is over.  I have finals and a ton of homework to do this week.  Next week however, the only homework I have is eating good and going to the gym.  I can deal with that!

Up up and away

So yeah, last week was very much a blur for me.  I had a bunch of homework due, and a lot of things going on with work which caused me to work almost a 24 hour shift.  I was extremely beat from Monday – Wednesday.  Eating wise wasn’t good.  Weight loss almost seems to be put on hold at the moment.  I don’t want it to be, however sometimes due to circumstances, it has to be I guess.